Forging wallpapers …

Recently I bought a nice 19′ wide LCD monitor with an 1440×900 resolution, so I quickly setup Twinview between my laptop running at 1280×800 and obviously moved down the first screen by 100 pixels, to achieve the same effect as “Extend my …” Wind0ze.

Everything was fine, until I wanted to set a wallpaper, and it hurt my eyes … duhh, it was horible … stretched between the two screens. yuck!

The wallpapers designed for dual monitors assume that both have the same height, which obviously wasn’t my case … so the only viable solution was to create my own wallpaper by arranging two images in GIMP.

I like to have the same wallpaper on both screens, so that wasn’t a problem, but it was rather annoying after trying 2-3 wallpapers.

Instead I thought of the nice utility package called “ImageMagick” … Yay! and wrote a nice little bash script to generate the desired wallpaper from two images given as input.

Here is the contents of the script:


if [ $# -ne 3 ] ; then
echo “Usage: $0 image1.png image2.png outimage.png”
exit 13

convert -size 2720×900 xc:black “$1” -geometry +0+100 -composite “$2” -geometry +1280+0 -composite “$3”

echo “Done …”
exit 1

I named it “mkwlp” , made it executable (chmod u+x mkwlp) then copied it into /usr/bin for convenience …

This can be customized for other resolutions, etc and it’s fairly straight forward so i won’t go into this.

(I highlighted the customizable parts for convenience)


Here are a few wallpapers i “forged” with this little script 🙂 Enjoy! (click to see the bigger version)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell that is my number #1 landing place when I’m looking for high resolution wide screen wallpapers ( but not only! ) and also Hollywood Desktop.


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Senior Software Engineer, Open Source Evangelist.

One response to “Forging wallpapers …

  1. nice trick 🙂
    thanks, I might be able to use this in the future

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