Customize Your Ubuntu …

I’m posting this, mostly because some people showed interest in how do I customized my Ubuntu’s look and feel. So here we go … an image worths more than 1 million words … ha!

First take a look at the following screenshot.


Nice huh? If you liked what you have seen, then continue, else STOP reading now.

The background can be found here .

The theme is customized, so here are some screenshots:





Now a few words about the panel on the bottom. Well that’s not the Kiba dock, that’s just a normal dock. So here is an image on how to set that up to achieve the look and feel of the one in the screenshot.


The themes, etc. are from either Gnome Look or Gnome Art .

Enjoy indefinitely …. haha!


About icebreaker

Senior Software Engineer, Open Source Evangelist.

4 responses to “Customize Your Ubuntu …

  1. niiice background 🙂 and theme

  2. a4ozzz

    yea! nice background! send to me because of the link does not work 🙂

  3. chris

    I find the perfect background and then struggle to get the full size version of it..go figure. Please send me the background. The link doesn’t work.

  4. I have updated the link, now you can download it 🙂

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