Spruzme a MySpace Killer?!!

I am subscribed to some YouTube video bulletins, and I stumbled across Spruzme.com in one of xGobobeanx videos (my favorite YouTuber … Jill you rock!!!). I quickly checked out the site, signed up and I was pleasantly impressed.

The community is small right now, but the Bug Reporting/Suggestion feedback thingy is really working. I posted a topic on the forum that profiles are not displayed correctly in browsers like Firefox, Opera, and the thing got fixed in less than a day. The developer team has all my respect.

I am developer myself too, so when I visit a website or I try a certain program I always try to look at it from the developers point of view first, and only after that from the end users point of view. I also know that creating a social networking site is not a hard thing if you have the necessary server/client side scripting skills (PHP or ASP and HTML/CSS/Javascript), but maintaining it, keep it secure, patch the holes to prevent exploits, etc are the hard work.

I think that Spruzme has potential, and it could grow to a MySpace killer, all it depends on the number of users, and on how many spread the word.

The guys behind Spruzme have 5 stars from me, however there are more bugs to fix, but if they keep up this tempo the reward won’t be disappointing.

Good work guys 😀


About icebreaker

Senior Software Engineer, Open Source Evangelist.

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